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joedarling Archimedes  Newbie   1 review

Maria groomed my 14 week old Moodle puppy. It was his first experience at a grooming salon and she was lovely with him. She   listened to what I wanted, only used scissors and returned him to me looking like a neater, shorter haired version of himself. Her manner was fabulous and I would recommend her to any new puppy owner looking for a caring, careful, anxiety free first groom.


joedarling  joedarling 2 weeks ago Rating: 4.5 out of 5

PawsAbout is a lovely and well stocked new pet shop in Coogee. I found a snuggly, soft and warm winter dog bed for my Manchester Terriers to escape into. I hadn't seen such beds in any other regular or fancy pet store before. I recommend the groomers as well to those with dogs that need clipping.

alana5 alana5 4 months ago Rating: 5.0 out of 5

I had my dog Aurora groomed at PawsAbout Dog Grooming Salon. Our last salon in Double Bay had sadly closed down and we were looking for a new dog groomer. What a pleasant surprise it was when we found out that their dog groomer trained and worked in Precious Puppies before. They have done a wonderful job. We are so happy with the service and dog groom which we think was the best in Sydney's East.The shop is very nice and clean.

sixdgrees sixdgrees 8 months ago Rating: 5.0 out of 5

PawsAbout at Coogee - wow! the store looks great and they have so many different stuff presented. Really interesting store and my dog loves it. Their prices on dog food and pet accessories quite inexpensive. The dog clothing, and food is top quality. Makes other pet shops look soo ordinary and generic.


yhzytu yhzytu 8 months ago Rating: 5.0 out of 5

I had my dog groomed at the newly opened PawsAbout Pet Boutique and Dog Grooming Salon and the staff were so attentive, with an experienced dog groomer. I almost didn't recognise my dog after her pampering session at the salon. Her clip was done really well and the dog groomer was very attentive to my instructions on how to clip my puppy Molly. I love it and we will be back for another clip very soon. The products on display are unique - I'd never seen such cute collars. Other cute stuff I saw were these jackets for puppies and dog biscuits in cute packaging! And the shop is very beautiful, all white! :) If you live in the eastern suburbs area, I suggest checking this one out.

harryc108 1 harryc108 8 months ago Rating: 5.0 out of 5

This new store is not your average pet shop, it has sourced products from all over the world, many shampoo products I could not find in any other pet shop. And the dog products aren't pricey. They also have a great display, beautiful collars, and gorgeous clothing for puppies!! We bought a collar straight away. And we are definitely coming back for dog grooming, which is at really fair prices!!



27 Jan 2011

We had Ella groomed at PawsAbout on Saturday. My dog looks amazing and she was so happy in the shop sniffing around all the wonderful doggy treats (before and after her appointment). We also bought Ella a Doggylato which is a specially made ice cream for dogs. Oh boy, she loved it and it helped her to cool down in this horrible heat. Her cut looks simply sensational! I can thank enough the girls at PawsAbout:)


10 Aug 2010

I'm definitely bringing my pooch back here - excellent value for money. It's also really close to Coogee shops.


8 Jul 2010

Recommend that you go to paws about First time I've tried this one and am very excited about it. The grooming services were really high standard.Took my dog in for a clip thought it was done great. No problems and was really easy to make an appointment. Dog was treated really well. It was quite a different experience from the last salon we've been going to - for one thing I bought a bed for my puppy, sourced from Korea. Really top quality and beautiful design. There is quite a large collection of original merchandise, even things for cats.


5 Jul 2010

Awesome I was reluctant to change salons but I thought I'd give this one a try. I loved it. It was different - went for a grooming session, and got a really experienced groomer who was kind and caring. I bought a few cute toys as well and a shirt that says "Cats are not my friend". It was fun and interesting!