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Odour Fender

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Improves digestion, reduces faecal odour & loose bowel motions Rufus & Coco Odour Fender is a unique digestive aid dog supplement which professional formulated with montmorillonite clays, digestive enzymes and minerals: Enables more efficient digestion of food through the bowel Reduces faecal odour and loose bowel motions Prevents absorption of certain toxic bowel acids With montmorillonite clays (which can absorb up to 5 times their weight in water and gases), enzymes & minerals Tasteless, odourless powder Results seen in just 7-14 days A pack lasts a medium sized dog approx. one month Each pack includes a scoop to make administration easy 100% natural and drug free Free from artifical colours, flavours and preservatives It also: Improves skeletal development and growth in growing puppies Helps with allergic skin disease and folliculitis Provides optimum nutrition for milking brood bitches Maximises nutrition and fitness in racing and working dogs
Encouraging good hair and coat quality Improving skeletal development and growth in growing puppies

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