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Dog Grooming Sydney

PawsAbout Pet Boutique and Dog Grooming Salon Sydney is newly established shop. We provide a wide range of dog grooming, dog training, puppy consultations and pet care advice and services to our clients. At PawsAbout we recognise the increasing demand for quality pet services in Sydney's Eastern suburbs and offer services by professionally trained pet stylists with international and local experience.

Our mission is to provide quality one stop shop service for caring pet owners. In Australia, pet grooming and dog training industry has been largely unregulated, so at PawsAbout we have sought to become a trusted authority in this area by offering advice and services by fully trained and experienced pet industry professionals. Our aim was always to not just supply dog grooming services and pet products to Sydney's pet owners but to tailor individual needs of each owner and their pets.

We work on establishing the best communication between our clients, recognising that there are not only shy humans but also many shy dogs. We hope to find the right fit for all clients with indifference to size. At PawsAbout we recognise that being a new dog salon we are a 'new kid on the block', therefore, have potential to see and recognise the needs of modern dog owners who seek practical and beautiful dog clips and cuts for their furry friends.


Despite common misconception that many dog owners do not hesitate in spending money when it comes to their pets, recent times are proving that average pet owner now considers practical aspects of products and services they buy for their beloved pets. Thankfully, the ever-changing face of pet retail industry has allowed dog owners to have more variety and quality coupled with practicality when it comes to keeping pets happy and healthy.

We study and liaise with local vets who follow the latest research and findings on dog skin care, flea and tick treatments. We aim to maximise the value of our dog grooming services by providing advice to our clients, backed up by professionals of the veterinary industry. We are also members of the Pet Industry Association (PIAA).


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Shop 1, 183 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee
NSW 2034, Australia

Website:  www.pawsabout.com.au
Email:     info@pawsabout.com.au
Phone:    (02) 8021 77 08

PawsAbout is located directly underneath Adina Apartment Hotel Coogee and opposite Woolworths

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PawsAbout Dog Grooming Salon Rose Bay is located at:

Rose Bay Veterinary Clinic premises

8 Newcastle street, Rose Bay

NSW 2029

CALL US on (02) 9388 25 51 to make an appointment

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