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Dog Collars and Leashes


What to look for in Dog Collars and Leashes

Choosing the wrong collar for your dog can sometimes result in discomfort, pain and choking. Yikes!
We all love our dog and want the best so the following is a quick guide to choosing the right collar and leash for your dog.

Sizing Up

Generally speaking, big, strong dogs require a heavier and wider collar than smaller dogs. It should fit comfortably and firmly around your dog’s neck but you should still be able to fit two fingers in between. Its a good idea to check the fit of a puppy collar at least every two weeks. A collar with a snap–type plastic fastener is a popular alternative to buckle collars, and the length can be easily adjusted. The dog leash must be of appropriate length and thickness. For a big strong Mastif a long and thin leash will be useless and a thick short leather leash will be too heavy for a small cavoodle size dog. A variety of nylon, leather and retractable dog leashes are available at our online pet boutique. It comes down to personal preference the type of leash you may choose but your choice should always be based on the size of your dog.

The Right Purpose

Different uses require different collars. A collar designed for training should not be used for everyday use because your dog may injure herself. Never leave a slip collar on a dog or puppy because a slip collar is a training tool and should not be used as a standard collar. Choke chains should never be used on young puppies. Most dogs will require two collars... an adjustable nylon or leather collar and a slip collar for obedience training.

Great Style

Ideally you want a collar that appeals to you and also suits your dog’s colouring and personality.

What Are Decorative Collars?

These are made to look great and they can be made from different materials. They may incorporate such items as sequins, diamantes, studs, crystals, beading, embroidery to create a beautiful look. You can see some below.

Nylon collars

Nylon collars are long lasting, machine-washable and will survive frequent encounters with water.

Leather collars

Leather collars are hardwearing,long lasting and come in many different colours, styles and widths. Choose thin leather collars for puppies and smaller dogs.


These go around the neck and ribcage, and therefore eliminate the possibility of choking.  They are great for a large dog that hasn’t been well-trained and pulls or lunges when out for a walk.

Head collars

Head collars are great training devices for dogs that tend to pull while walking.

Choke Chains and Slip Collars

These are made with metal links and have a ring at each end.  Use only for training purposes because the collar tightens when you want to correct the dog.  Make sure that the collar fits correctly and don't leave them on your dog for extended periods of time.