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Dog Activity Treat Ball



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The Buster Food Cube is a treat toy that is ingeniously designed to mentally stimulate your bored dog in a fun and natural way. It combines food, fun and a puzzle - all in one toy. The Buster Cube is highly recommended by animal behaviourists to help ease separation anxiety and reduce behaviour problems. It appeals to dogs' foraging instincts - your dog is rewarded with treats or food and he has to actually engage his brain to obtain the rewards. The cube has a difficulty dial, so you can set the toy to dispense on the level at which your dog can work. Easy to refill. How to Use: Begin by rolling the cube across the floor to get your dog to start playing or eating. Your dog will soon learn that the more he plays with the cube, the more he is rewarded with food or treats. You must keep in mind that there is extra nutritional energy intake through using the cube and you must adjust your dog's daily food allotment to correspond to this increase to avoid obesity. As your pooch gets more experienced with the cube and empties it faster, you may increase the level of difficulty by adjusting the distribution cylinder which controls the speed of food released during play. The Buster Food Cube is OK to use with dogs of all breeds and sizes.
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Buster Mini Cube - For small dog breeds weighing under 10kg (8cm cube) Buster Food Cube - For medium and large dog breeds over 10kg (12cm cube)