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Animal Communication and Reiki Healing

Have you ever looked at your pet and thought ‘’what is she/he trying to tell me”? Are they trying to tell me they love me, to warn me or just to say they are happy to be with you.


Have you seen your animal companion struggle with a behaviour or emotion, but you can't quite put a finger on it so you can get them the help they need?


Have you ever rescued an animal from a shelter and wanted to know their story? Perhaps they are timid, frightened, panicked or aggressive when they meet an unfamiliar person or when confronted by another animal?


Having an unhappy or unsettled animal is unsettling for everyone. Are they all of a sudden showing destructive behaviour or seem sad and lethargic?


Perhaps you have spoken to your vet about your pet’s issues but no definite answer was found.


Animal training, conventional vet medicine or animal behaviourists can't always accurately identify and most importantly heal an emotion that is certainly the real underlying cause for the behaviour.

I can give you an example: you moved house and your cat cannot get comfortable in the new place and keeps peeing on the furniture or you and your partner separated and you suspect your dog misses them. Conventional treatment, such as medication, may provide a short term solution, only to see the behaviour return bigger and more distressing than before, because the underlying emotions have not been healed.


I also can communicate with animals that crossed the rainbow, if you may want to see how they are or tell them about your thoughts and feelings towards them you alsways have that chance.


If an animal you have may need a little reiki healing we can always incorporate this into the session. I conduct healing sessions for animals and humans so if desired the whole house may benefit from getting a healing done. The healing cleanses feelings of negativity and gives a adundance of positivity for all involved.

I try to bring you the answers on thoughts and emotions your pet may experience and let them know how you feel.  Ask them questions and provide answers.


Alexandra Summer

Animal Communication and Reiki Healer

Every Pet has a Story to tell...

Send email with a clear photo of your pet showing eyes to alexandra@alexandrasummer.com
Write down your questions and I chat to your pet through a photo
You will then receive notes from our coversation via email

Consultations via email

3 Questions $90 (One pet only)

7 Questions $120 (One pet only)

Extra pet + $35 each

Extra question +$15 each

Answers are guarantted to be returned within 3-5 days